Micro-Point was one of the pioneers of the 1950’s, manufacturing cutting styli and lacquer discs.

Today we (Transco Blanx) are proud to bring this iconic name back to where it belongs - at the forefront of today’s vinyl/cutting technology and high-end moving coil playback cartridges.

Transco / Micro-Point has been supplying cutting styli to the worlds mastering studios and pressing plants since the 80’s - That’s over 35 years and currently enjoys the no:1 status.  Not intent with resting on its laurels Micro-Point now plans to reintroduce cutting styli for the Westrex cutter head, as part of its commitment to the future of vinyl.  Each Micro-Point cutting styli carries a unique identification number laser etched on the shank, and a digital image of the tip is held on file at our offices.  This ensures provenance of all styli supplied. 

AGT - Aligned Groove Technology.

The cutting stylus used to produce a master disc and the phono cartridge used to play a vinyl record are two of the most critical interrelated elements essential to maximise the potential of high quality Vinyl records and sound.

Micro-Point cutting Styli and phono cartridges both utilise premium grade jewels fashioned by Orbray Co Ltd.

Working in partnership with Orbray Co Ltd formally Adamant Namiki - The world’s No:1 producer of high graded diamonds and sapphires for a host of industries, including precision jewels for micro surgery, cutting styli, and of course jewels for playback cartridges, brings together top innovators in Audio reproduction.

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