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  • The Passionate Restitution of the Westrex Cutting Stylus

    Two events that will ultimately change the lives of all of us involved in making music. These are the COVID-19 pandemic and the devastating fire at...
  • Micro-Point Cutting the Groove

    A recording or cutting stylus performs two basic functions; it cuts the groove in the master record, and it smooths or burnishes the resulting groove walls. While cutting the groove the stylus is driven by the cutter head in a 45/45 stereo mode to form the complex mechanical waveforms in the master record which are a precise analog of the electrical waveforms fed to the recording amplifier.
  • Neumann Lathe Damper Adjustment

    How to adjust the damper on the head...Situated above the cutter head on a Neumann lathe is a mechanical damping system. It is a chamber filled wit...