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Micro-Point was one of the pioneers of the 1950’s, manufacturing cutting styli and lacquer discs. Today we (formerley Transco Blanx) are proud to bring this iconic name back to where it belongs — at the forefront of today’s vinyl/cutting technology and high-end moving magnet playback cartridges. Transco/Micro-Point has been supplying cutting styli to the worlds mastering studios and pressing plants since the 80’s — That’s over 35 years and currently enjoys the no:1 status.   read more...

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We at Bernie Grundman Mastering have recently tested the new Micro -Point  WSH-2 cutting stylus for Westrex type cutting heads. Without question the quality is outstanding. Quiet and clear accurate sound that will now make all our masters. Excellent product.

Bernie Grundman - Bernie Grundman Mastering

I have long been an admirer of Adamant (now Micro-Point) recording styli. Their consistency, durability, build quality and above all their sound quality are second to none. Even when I had a choice, I would always go for Adamant (famously I refused to do a job when I needed a new stylus and we only had Transco in the store). They are the ONLY styli that I have ever fitted in my customised lathe since it was installed over 3 ½ years ago. Micro-Point are the unrivalled styli that always deliver the sound quality across all record formats (LP as well as 7” & 12” singles) that I require and that my clients demand.

Miles Showell - Abbey Road Studios.

To meet our customers demand for excellence and to deliver on schedule, we need to work with totally reliable products. NSH-2 and NSH-2S guarantee clean grooves and excellent wear characteristics. And the addition of cutting styli for Westrex heads is welcomed. I have a fantastic relationship with John Rooke for a lot of years based on confidence and trust.

Rinus Hooning - Record Industry – Holland.

I finished testing the WSH-2S Micro-Point Cutting Stylus for Westrex yesterday, it is REALLY impressive.  The reproduced cut translates very well to the source.  There is less exaggerated bottom end, greater sense of stereo width and clearer, cleaner top end.

Stephen Marsh - Marsh Mastering - CA