Collection: Cutting Styli

A recording or cutting stylus performs two basic functions; it cuts the groove in the master record, and it smooths or burnishes the resulting groove walls. While cutting the groove the stylus is driven by the cutter head in a 45/45 stereo mode to form the complex mechanical waveforms in the master record which are a precise analog of the electrical waveforms fed to the recording amplifier.

Micro-Point (formerly Transco Blanx Ltd) has been supplying cutting styli to the worlds mastering studios and pressing plants since the 80’s — That’s over 35 years and currently enjoys the number one status. Micro-Point is pleased to offer four types of cutting styli, two for Westrex and two for Neumann.

For users of other lathes we are pleased to recommend Agnew Analog who offer a range of precision stylus shank adapters for use with our NSH-2 and NSH-2S.

4 products
  • WSH-2 Micro-Point Cutting Stylus for Westrex
  • NSH-2S Micro-Point Cutting Stylus for Neumann
  • WSH-2S Micro-Point Cutting Stylus for Westrex
  • NSH-2 Micro-Point Cutting Stylus for Neumann