Scully Lathe Lovingly Restored

Micro-Points’ new U.K. Vinyl Mastering Testing and Research Facility in South Godstone has received considerable investment transforming it into a state of the art facility.At the heart of this transformation is a 1962 Scully Lathe 601. Originally commissioned for Capitol Records the lathe was used to cut all the Beatles early work up to the 1970s for U.S. distribution, after which it was sadly mothballed in favour of the new Neumann Lathe.

The Scully remained in retirement in Southern California protected by the dry heat and a liberal coating of nicotine.In 2012 the Scully was professionally dismantled and shipped to South Godstone, complete with the 3DII Westrex Stereo Head and RA 1700 Series Amplifiers. This Scully is probably one of the finest Model 601 with Advance Ball Tracking in existence today. Lovingly restored to its original specification by John Goldstraw and Crispin Murray it’s as good as new and totally authentic. The Westrex 3DII Stereo Head and Cutting Amps have also been brought up to spec with new capacitors to give an authentic 1960/70’s American feel sound.

The cutting stylus used to produce a master disc and the playback cartridge used to play a vinyl record is two of the most critical elements essential to maximise the potential of high-quality vinyl records and sound.Micro-Point cutting styli and playback cartridges both utilise premium grade jewels fashioned by Adamant Namiki. This unique partnership and the ability to conduct sophisticated precision tests of both elements allows Micro-Point to strive towards optimum results adding a new dimension to vinyl sales. A.G.T. (Aligned Groove Technology)